Women on the search for freedom

saturday, dec 10th

4 pm

Film: Way East

Aline Bock & Lena Stoffel went on a journey through Japan. But they not only took their skis and surfboards, but also the will to find out the current situation and pollution at Fukushima.


After the movie you will have the chance to talk with Aline Bock about her experiences in Japan.


Film: Rever sous les etoiles


Rever sous les etoiles tells the moving story of Vanessa Francois, an outstanding alpinist. Even after her accident, where she ended up being paraplegic, she never lost the love to the mountains and the need for adventure. Vannessa will take you on a though journey trough the mountains of Chamonix and show you her will to never give up.


  • Aline Bock

Duration: ca. 1.5h (Film + Q&A)

Price: CHF 19.-

Language Way East: D/E

Subtitles Way East: E

Language Rever sous les etoiles: F

Subtitles Rever sous les etoiles: E