Off the beaten TRacks

the brothers Anthamatten

Thursday, Dec 8th

8 pm

La Liste & Kuhyang Chhish East

The start of the Zermatt Impulse will make Sam & Simon Anthamatten, born and raised in Zermatt. They will take you on a journey of adventures up steep peaks and daredevil rides down. Together with Jérémie Heitz, they will tell you about their trips and looking forward to answer your interesting questions. Simons film about the first ascent of the Kunyang Chhish East, will be shown the first time in Switzerland.


  • Sam Anthamatten
  • Simon Anthamatten
  • Jérémy Heitz

Duration: ca. 2h

Price: CHF 19.-


Language La Liste: F

Subtitles La Liste: E

Language Kuhyang Chhish East: D

Subtitles Kuhyang Chhish East: E