Aletsch -

the future of glaciers

sunday, dec 11th

3.30 pm

Film Aletsch - Of ice and men

The film portraits a glaciologist, a mountain guide and a technician at the Jungfraujoch cable cars. On one hand it shows how the Aletsch is one of the most spectacular glacier formations in the Alps. On the other hand it shows how the melting ice constantly drifts humans and nature apart.

Lecture Caroline Fink

After the movie, Caroline Fink, the filmmaker will present in a good and understanding way the complex mechanisms of the climate change and invites you to discuss with her, what steps could every single person do to help rescue our glaciers before they disappear.


Duration: ca. 1h (film, presentation and Q&A)

Price: CHF 19.-

Language: D

Subtitles: E

Presentation: D

Start: 3.30 pm